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REAL PROPERTY GAINS TAX (RPGT) 2012 - taken from

Real Property Gains are gains arising from the disposal of a real property. During the Budget 2012, the Finance Minister proposed to revise Real Property Gains Tax (RPGT) rate as follows:
  • Properties sold within 2 years from the date of purchase: RPGT = 10%
  • Properties sold between 2 years & 5 years from the date of purchase: RPGT = 5%
  • Properties sold after 5 years from the date of purchase: RPGT = 0%
(The current RPGT is 5% for all properties sold within 5 years from the date of purchase. )
The new rate will be effective starting Jan 1, 2012.  The most likely reason for this move by the government is to prevent property bubble by reducing speculation in Malaysian property market.
This RPGT rate increase however will not burden genuine property owners as there are exemptions:
  • Disposal of residential property once in a lifetime by an individual who is a citizen or permanent resident of Malaysia.
  • Gift between parent and child, husband and wife, grandparent and grandchild.
  • For an individual, exemption up to RM10,000 or 10% of the net gains, whichever is higher.
RPGT is only chargeable on net gains, meaning all related costs such as purchase price, renovation costs and incidental costs such as legal fees and stamp duty are deducted from the sale price.




1) Get the Proclamation of Sale (PoS) from Auctioneer
2) Identify the property ==> inspect the property
3) Contact Auctioneer OR Lawyer OR Agent to get more information about the property - read the conditions in PoS carefully
4) Ready to bid? Prepare a BANK DRAFT (on the name of the assignee / bank - stated in the PoS)

5) Bring I.C., BANK DRAFT, STAMPING FEE (RM50) & EXTRA CASH (in case u bid more than the Reserved Price)
6) Register as bidder
7) Bid the property (remember your ceiling price, don't emotional)
8) If successful, sign Contract of Sale, pay RM50 for stamping purpose and pay the surplus deposit (eg. 10% out of RM60k = RM6k, selling price increase to RM65k, topup cash 10% x RM5k = RM500)
If unsuccessful, collect your BANK DRAF from the auctioneer.

9) Collect the Contract of Sale from auctioneer
10) Apply loan from your selected bank (IF LOAN NOT APPROVE, THE DEPOSIT WILL BURN)
11) Appoint lawyer to handle the transaction
12) Time frame normally takes about 4 months ++ (depends on situation)


1) Set appoinment with agent / owner to view the property
*(tetapkan temujanji dengan ejen / pemilik rumah untuk membuat lawat periksa)

2) Negotiating the best price.
*(Runding untuk harga yang terbaik)

3) Pay booking / earnest money to agent / owner / lawyer - normally 2% - 3% out of the agreed purchased price
*(Bayar duit 'booking' kepada ejen / pemilik rumah / peguam - kebiasaannya 2% - 3% daripada harga belian yang telah dipersetujui)

4) Submit loan to selected bank(s) (with completed documents) - bank will provide a maximum 90% loan only (if eligible)
*(Membuat permohonan pinjaman kepada bank terpilih (dengan dokumen yang lengkap) - pihak bank hanya memberi pinjaman maksimum 90% sahaja (jika layak)

5) Lawyer will prepare the Sale and Purchase Agreement (S&P) and pay another 7%-8% balance deposit (optional to withdraw EPF - must inform earlier)
*(Peguam akan menyediakan Perjanjian Jual Beli, bayar baki 7%-8% deposit (pilihan untuk membuat pengeluaran KWSP - maklumkan lebih awal)

6) Lawyer and Bank will take position. Normal procedure till vacant possession is 3-4months (getting keys), might be more (depends on situation)
*(Pihak peguam dan bank akan mengambil-alih tugas seterusnya. Prosedur biasa sehingga milikan kosong ialah 3-4 bulan (serah kunci), mungkin lebih (bergantung atas situasi)

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